Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Best 2009 Trends: Two-Tone Wedding Gowns

This is a best two-tone wedding gowns are hottest thing off spring 2009 runways and a very elegant way to take a wedding dress beyond the indispensable glance without doing anything too extreme. Two-tone wedding dresses generally have two different but subtle colors, just like as ivory and white and ivory with champagnes.

Another easy two tone concept is to add a different sash to a spotless silhouette, and wear accessories that match color of sash. For example, if you have an ivory-colored gown with a peach sash, look for pearl bridal jewels in sunglasses of rose or go red.

Decide a veil that matches main color or any trim to deeper shade of wedding dress. For instance, if you are the wearing a champagne wedding dress with an ivory sash, decide a champagne-colored veil with an ivory bias trim on limits.

Two-tone wedding dresses are a big way to indulge in a runway trend without look too avant garde, and its delicate effects will absolutely stand test of time.

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