Monday, November 30, 2009

Pink Muslim Bridal Designs | Pink Wedding Inspirations

For today's blog article, the focus is on stylish and modern pink Muslim bridal dresses that we have come across recently. The style is of beautiful Pakistani bridal wear of wedding shararas and wedding lenghas. Some of these designs may be too revealing for the Muslim bride who wants to be in keeping with the Islamic dress code. However, it is possible to wear hijab with these dresses. It is possible to lengthen the sleeve length for instance, or to purchase the dress in one size bigger so that it is not too form fitting. I wish they would design these lovely dresses with long sleeves...ah well.

Also, featured is an inspiration board of pink colored accents that can be incorporated into your wedding to create a beautiful pink themed Muslim wedding.

Hope you are amply inspired by our pink finds today!

Bridal Wear in Pink | Pink Weddings

Pink Bridal Pakistani Lengha
Lovely Shade of Shimmering Pink
Sleeves Can be Lengthened

Pakistani Style Bridal Sharara

Mostly White Lehnga
With A Gorgeous Pink Dupatta

Pink Bridal Dress Pakistani Sharara

Baby Pink Bridal Dress

Pink Roses!
Flower Decorations for Wedding Table Centerpieces

Color Shades to Consider for Your Pink Wedding
Use complementary colors to accent your pink wedding
Maroon, red, peach, orange and taupe colors are ideal

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It's Getting Cold :(

I really don't mind winter actually but it's the rain I can't stand.. anyone in London who commutes will feel my pain - why are the bloody train services subject to weather only? On normal days they're fine but as soon as the heavens open it's like Armageddon.. Anywayy I won't rant today I really need to do some work, so here's a simple outfit for the cold and casual but not so rainy days.

Purple Bag

Purple Bag by Zaenab

Bridal Mehndi Henna Designs

Beautiful Mehndi Designs for Muslim Brides

Muslim women from various Muslim cultures (from Indonesia to Morocco) decorate their hands and feet for their weddings with elaborate and intricate henna designs. So taking that into consideration, we feature beautiful henna (mehndi) hand and feet designs in today's article. These henna designs are appropriate for the Muslim bride.

It is also appropriate for women wanting to celebrate special occasions such as on Eid.

The application of the henna can take anyway from one to five hours depending on the type of designs being applied. The more elaborate and intricate the designs, the longer it takes for the henna artist to apply the bridal henna designs.

Please take a look at some of the more beautiful henna designs that we found recently. The pictures featured are from henna artist Zenna.

Bridal Mehndi Designs

Image Source:

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Wedding Cake Design for Gay


wedding cakes
Wedding Cake Design for Gay

This is an example of wedding cake design with a strange style and rarely encountered. Why? Because this cake has a design for marriage for gays. Above cakes can you know there are a couple of accessories of the same type. Maybe wedding cake colors can be ideas for weddings, especially for the style you want to get married.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Eid Mubarek :D

Sorry it's late :S I've been a bit busy. I thought I'd make a few tweaks to the blog layout as I, understandably, got bored of plain white after a year. If you don't like it don't worry, I will no doubt, have another blog-midlife crisis.

The Wedding Cake of Many Combinations Designs


wedding cakes

The Wedding Cake of Many Combinations Designs

A wedding cake that incorporates several design characteristics of the cake in a package cake level. Make a wedding cake has become interesting and a lot of choice for guests who come to your wedding. Someone will feel like trying to feel and try baking it. One by one, or mix into a sense ... sure it's always interesting.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wedding Cameras-Wedding Cameras

The beautiful wedding cameras above are designed 27 exposure wedding cameras are ideal to capture those candid moments that your professional photographer might miss. With a personalized disposable camera on every table, wedding cameras are the perfect way for you to see your wedding through the eyes of your guests. Each camera pricing includes a photo, names & wedding date. Also included is a matching table card with instructions on how to use the camera, other camera designs for birthday, party, Mazol Tov, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Quincenera, Anniversary, baby, graduation, prom, honeymoon, retirement, Happy Holidays, Halloween and many more! Matching table card not included with this pricing. Each camera pricing includes a photo, names & date, and another camera designs for birthday, party, Mazol Tov, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Quincenera, Anniversary, baby, graduation, prom, honeymoon, retirement, Happy Holidays, Halloween and many more!
View full product details
10 (4R) 25 50 100+
$9.20 $9.00 $7.10 Quote

Pink Simple Jilbab of Fashion Designers

Pink Simple Jilbab of Fashion DesignersPink Simple Jilbab of Fashion Designers...!!!!

The Wedding Cake Classic and Unique with the Degree

wedding cakes
The Wedding Cake Classic and Unique with the Degree

You may rarely see anything to see a wedding cake with a classic design and striking with the degree. Decorated with shapes and colors are not so good between the brown and blue, with accessories that are used for extra decorations so simple to make this is one of the classic wedding cake in the first era. But the truth with a little variation and a better fit then the cake can be transformed into more interesting and far from a classic impression. Surely you also need to know that many bridal couples want to try and feel the classic shades that have become part of the times.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Dabke at Arab Muslim Weddings

What is the dabke? Have you seen this folk dance at an Arab wedding, and wondered what it was? Well, this line dance is popular at Arab wedding celebrations. Both men and women perform this dance. But you would probably see the men perform it in weddings. Women will perform the dabke dance amongst themselves.

If you are wondering what would be a good entertainment for your wedding guests, consider hiring a dabke group to perform at your wedding.

Dabke (dabka or dabkeh) is the most popular Arab folk dance in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and in Palestine. It is also danced in parts of Egypt, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. A line dance, it is widely performed at weddings and joyous occasions. The leader of the dabke heads the line, alternating between facing the audience and the other dancers.

Dabke in Arabic is literally "stamping of the feet." The leader, called raas ("head") or lawweeh ("waver"), is allowed to improvise on the type of dabke. The leader twirls a handkerchief or string of beads known as a masbha (similar to a rosary), while the rest of the dancers keep the rhythm. The dancers also use vocalizations to show energy and keep up the beat. The dabke leader is supposed to be like a tree, with arms in the air, a proud and upright trunk, and feet that stomp the ground in rhythm. At weddings, the singer begins with a mawwal. The raas or lawweeh takes the lead. Everyone does a basic 1-2-3 step before the song kicks in. At weddings, the dance is sometimes performed by a professional troupe dressed in costume.

The dabke was popularized in the 20th century by the Lebanese composers Assi and Mansour Rahbani and singers like Zaki Nassif, Fairuz, Wadih el Safi, and Nasri Shamseddine. Lebanon's most famous dabke troupe was the Firkat el Arz. Other troupes today include Ibdaa, Sareyyet Ramallah, and El-Funoun.

Dabke Dance Videos

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Stylish Blue Muslim Wedding Inspirations

Planning a Muslim Wedding for a Muslim Bride with a Blue Color Theme

There is no one traditional color that is preferred for Muslim bridal wear. Many Arab cultures such as in Yemen and Oman, as well as Malay Muslims, Indian Muslims and Pakistani Muslims weddings are usually vibrant events; brides favor colors such as the reds, yellows and oranges. This is unlike in the West where white is favored for the wedding dress; although Western brides tend to incorporate color in the wedding decorations such as in wedding flowers and wedding table settings. Western wedding therefore also typically incorporates such warm and rich colors such as the reds, oranges, browns and the yellows. For instance, natural items such as sheaths or wheat or corn can be used as decoration items for a Western fall wedding. Also favored are color schemes of rich jewel tones, such as gold or silver.

Now the latest trend in wedding color scheme involve cool blues! A modern color scheme may use chocolate brown with light-blue accents, such as the blue colors inspiration board image below shows.

Blue Wedding Inspiration Board

We thought it would be a cool idea to create an inspiration idea board for a Muslim wedding based on the latest wedding color scheme of blues and chocolates (i.e. the browns)!

The latest ethnic designs in the Muslim world for bridal wear such as jalabiyas in the blue color are featured below. The focus here in on blue for the wedding dresses, which is fast gaining popularity and can be easily found in a variety of blue shades. Check out what we have narrowed down, and see if you agree with the choices.

Modern and Stylish Vibrant Blue Wedding Jalabiya
Just got to love this bridal outfit. The bodice is slightly fitted with
a high-waisted belt. The skirt flares out from the knee length.
Swishing When Walking
Perfect look for a Beautiful Bride.

Traditional Blue Bridal Dress from Oman
This is a more traditional look. Like the South Asians, Omanis tend to
favor vibrant colors for their bridal wear. This is one sparkling bridal dress!
I also love the traditional head-dress feature.

Malay Style Blue and Gold Bridal Dress
Malay style bridal dress
Fish-tail (or mermaid) styled skirt with lace train.

Shayla Hijab Style
Somehow I much prefer this style of tying the hijab for
Bridal Hijab Style

Egyptian Multi-Wrap Hijab Style
The style on the top left hand corner would
also be a great bridal hijab style.

Amazing Shimmering Silver Shawl
Matches well with Blue shades of bridal dresses

Bridal Accessories for Blue Theme Wedding
Modern and Quirky Crystal Bridal Jewelry

Navy Blue and Silver Swarovski Crystal Waterfall Necklace

Wedding Favor Ideas - Blue Theme
Special Ordered Chocolate Bars
with Blue and Silver Wrapping

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Wedding Cake in the design of Roller Coaster


WEDDING CAKES,The Roller Coaster Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake in the design of Roller Coaster

The Roller Coaster Wedding Cake. Roller Coaster an exciting game and great. So what if the ideas and styles made for the Roller Coaster wedding cake design. Surely that sort of a crazy idea, but according to some it is a good idea and the unique character of premises that only marriage will probably happen only once in a lifetime so make the wedding into something different and unique memories to be something it is not a mistake.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Amazing Wedding Dresses for Perfect Marriage

wedding dresses
Amazing Wedding Dresses for Perfect Marriage

Wedding dresses are perfect and beautiful. It is desired by many of the bride. Because they want a perfection and beauty that will enchant the groom. Slim design with a woman's curves so that there is beauty in itself appear to maximum in the event that will be the future of memory, a wedding that never be forgotten. The combination of beautiful design themes accordance with appropriate supporting accessories such as jewelry and red roses will make it a one thing that would be a bride's dream.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wedding Dress with Modern Beach Theme

Wedding Dress,Wedding Dress with Modern Beach Theme
Wedding Dress with Modern Beach Theme

There may never have an idea to the theme of your wedding which was held at a beach. It is a great idea and interesting for you to test, but you squeeze confused about how to create or select a design right wedding dress with shades of beautiful beaches and natural that will bring you into a different nature. You do not have to worry, because you can see one of the wedding dress design for a modern beach theme. If you feel less cock, you can slightly modify the color change or by providing additional accessories to fit you. In essence, this dress displays the beauty / natural beauty of the bride possessed by such natural beauty on the beach itself.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Comfort Shopping Is SOO Much Better Than Comfort Eating

Yes I have a shopping addiction, I have already realised that... Oh well. Here's my latest buy! I can't wait for it to arrive :D It was 45 GPS with p&p from Shukr, I think that's not bad as it is 70% wool and it is winter after all, yep, I need it :P

So what do you think, worth it? (Yes, of course!!)

Winter Wedding-Winter Wedding

The meaning of Winter wedding dresses is choosing the perfect Winter Wedding Dress. The main part of a Winter Wedding dress is its reliability. Winter weddings give the bride a lot of choices with the pattern of the dresses. They can choose from the normal strapless-if the winter isn’t very cold-to furs and long sleeves. These kinds of patterns are not recommended for summer weddings. Considering the weather, you can also go for a mix and match pattern. Like if you have a full white gown you can have a velvet scarf of a contrast color around your shoulders. This will add to the beautiness of the gown and also give you protection from the cold winter. A simple style of fur around the sleeves and collar look very stunning. Also the material used to make the gown also has to be chosen very carefully. Velvet clothing is the preferred one. Jewellery also plays an important part. Wear very subtle jewelry as it will not be seen with the heavy fur and velvet clothing. But wear something that will shine this will give a very beautiful panache effect.

Wedding Themes-Wedding Themes

The wedding themes are setting for a wedding and it is setting on a theme that runs throughout the proceedings. The trick is not to clash but fuse ideas. There are many types of themes to choose from, both adventurous and classic; from Europa-Asia, Hollywood and Bollywood, medieval, Indian Ocean, carnival, masquerade, fiesta and beach to the traditional Cinderella and Madhubala weddings, all with their own color scheme ( subtle and understated to bold and grandiose). Most Asian brides settle for one of the following three themes.