Sunday, August 30, 2009

Abaya Outfit Idea

I love this abaya outfit, so have made a set inspired by the look :D

Vintage Wedding Dresses

Vintage Wedding Dresses
Vintage Wedding Dresses
Vintage Wedding Dresses
I was chatting with Ann last week and she was telling me about her idea of buying a vintage wedding dress for her up and coming wedding. Now I must say that I am completely jealous of his girl because she has the waistline of the model and is as thin as they come, she’s the sort of girl that looks amazing no matter what she is wearing. It’s funny I really thought that she was more of a late this designer gown type of person but I’ll be honest she does have a load of taste and if she’s going to be a bride she’s going to decide on what she wants for first style that was sued for a perfect.
Vintage Wedding Dresses
Vintage Wedding Dresses
As we got chatting she asked me if I would go along to a few stores with her so she could actually then get a second opinion from somebody who has been in too wedding dresses for years. At one stage I did own my own company that made all different types of dresses I still make them every now and again but not as much as I used to because I now have other interests. But, I guess I still have a keen eye for style is of wedding gowns and I can tell if somebody is suited to a long dress with sleeves one that may have a nice neckline or sometimes that may be off the shoulder and strapless.

I was meeting Ann on a Wednesday afternoon and she had already made a number of appointments with various bridal stores. The first or we went into had any beautiful Victorian dress that had some really unique features. To be honest it’s something I hadn’t seen before and because Ann has a beautiful tan the white dress simply looked stunning.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Hijab Tutorial

I love this hijab style so I thought I'd share it with you all, the video's about 7 minutes long but I think it's worth the watch. It is by MisforMuslim:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Iftar Out

Hope Ramadan is going good! Here's and outfit idea if you want something to wear to an Iftar out:

Iftar Out

Iftar Out by Zaenab

Monday, August 24, 2009


Alhamdulillah met the designer......and he changed the design, according to how i imagined my attire would be...he said " u ni memang suka simple je, takpa i boleh buat"...i smiled and amat happy...Mr.R really has a good heart...i think its just me that overreact to the whole situation (malu i baca balik my last entry) betul cakap fizz design dia memang meletup......hehehe...

The sales girl from jakel was very pushy...habibs material, baju melayu masa dah nak potong she said don't worry dik satin je..i tanya harga dia cakap ala tak mahal...RM 200 p/meter je...crazy dahlah we are taking 10m! of course we settled with a cheaper material..but still looks and feels advice make sure u know from where dia ambil the material...and make sure she is clear with your budget...

For my tandang outfit i will send to a designer that i have admired since 5 yrs ago.. i love his cutting and style.. I'm happy...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ramadan Kareem

I hope Ramadan is going well for you all, we're into the second day and only 4.5 hours to go for me till Fatoor! I may be posting slightly less as I'm moving house at the moment and soon to be staring university. I also want to knuckle down and finish reading the Quran before Eid, Insha'Allah (I'm half way through so wish me luck lol) and focus on fasting as opposed to fashion for a while. I hope that you all get what you want from Ramadan and that your efforts are rewarded abundantly. I love all of you, my sisters in Islam.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wedding budget...


I'm going to change the topic sikit for a while..hehehe....I was discussing with my friend who just got married recently about her wedding and the topic makeup came about...Naddynad, Aim yg buat...and It was very nice and natural...hehehe..i really liked it...boleh nego price as well..btw about my makeup update..hari tu I asked Liza availability in Feb....dia dah Takde rezeki to take her...nasib baik got back up plan....alhamdulillah....

Ok now back to the topic, Yesterday for the first time I sat down listed everything we needed and everything that we have spent on for the wedding ( listed in excel, siap bercolour2 lagi..hehehe)....and guess budget dah terlebih!!!! all this while i kira2 here and there...and I was so bangga to my siblings coz i told them "see u can plan a beautiful cheap wedding"...looks like I was i kena go through everything again, and cut down everything...its so sad... I have to admit from a simple wedding that i wanted, lagi research I did lagi i wanted more and more..Totally my fault...Alhamdulillah mama pun decided to sponsor a few things here and there..but she warned "it does not mean u can go crazy and spend"...yes, mum....
tmrw me and habib heading to jakel nak beli kain for family...inilah salah satu benda I didn't know it HAD TO COME OUT FROM MY WEDDING BUDGET... but its all good...because the best people to receive sedeqah is Family of course...and kitorg dah survey byk tempat and memang jakel is paling reasonable...also we are getting 1 set kain for 1 of our reception..inshaAllah...last week dah book dah, but since i'm cutting down my budget kena tukar kain...and this is something i discovered at our 1st trip to jakel....beaded chiffon can be more expensive then lace..heish..ada a few yg tersangat cantik...sampai RM 7k per meter...but of course yg kitorg book was much cheaper...they also have this amazing wedding package RM 680 sahaja for beaded chiffon 4m+ lining silk satin + baju melayu 5m..yes all in...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vera Wang Wedding Dresses

Vera Wang and Her Wedding Dresses

Vera Wang is a very popular designer that works out of New York City, but was educated primarily in Europe. During her youth, she attended a variety of design schools that helped create the foundation she would use later to create a fashionable and popular brand. She worked for 16 years as a senior editor at Vogue magazine, until she left to form her own fashion design studio. Her most impressive works, and the primary area of focus for her, is her wedding gown collection. Her gowns have been featured on several Hollywood stars as well as a series of TV shows and movies. Vera Wang wedding dresses are some of the most sought after wedding gowns in the world and can be purchased in several places, both online and in boutiques.

Vera Wang wedding dresses were first developed in 1990, which is the time she opened her first boutique. It was her goal to bring new designs and fashion to the world of the wedding gown world, which she was able to accomplish in a hurry. Her designs were noticed worldwide by a variety of audiences and in 1994 she was chosen to design a wedding dress by ice skater, Nancy Kerrigan. This was the moment that catapulted Vera Wang into the spotlight, and since then she’s never had to look back.

Several celebrities have worn Vera Wang wedding dresses and her designs have become the most popular in the world. Jessica Simpson wore a Vera Wang dress during her marriage ceremony, as did Jennifer Lopez. The European heritage of Vera Wang’s education is evident in her designs, which feature luxurious and flowing fabrics that create a hybrid style that combines modern fashion with elegant design. She sells more than just wedding gowns too; her wedding accessories are very popular as are her lower priced bridesmaid dresses.

Unfortunately, the cost of Vera Wang’s wedding dresses is relatively expensive, but if you can afford them you will probably not find a better dress anywhere. Starting at around $6,000 and moving into the 10’s of thousands, Vera Wang wedding dresses are pricey, but still affordable to those that want to go the extra stop of buying a dress that is the best in its class. Of course, if you really want to go all out, then you can hire Vera Wang to personally design a wedding dress for you, but generally those slots are reserved for celebrities and special occasions.

Vera Wang wedding dresses have grown her business from a small starter boutique to an online and international phenomenon. She has several stores located across the country and also sells dresses on her personal website. Vera Wang also sells purses and other accessories that are just as popular as her wedding dresses. Overall, she has managed to create a wonderful brand based on exquisite fashion style and sensibility. If you are looking for a wedding dress, then a Vera Wang dress just might be the perfect touch for a perfect wedding.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hijabi Beginner: 5 Pros Of Hijab

As part of my 'Hijabi Beginner' posts, I decided to make a list of five of what I think are the main reasons a Muslimah should wear the hijab. When you are thinking about wearing it, so many things go around in your head so I hope the list makes it that bit easier to decide.

Before reading it, remember that the word 'hijab' in Arabic means 'barrier' not 'headscarf' or 'modest dress'. A barrier is something built not something that pops up automatically when you cover your hair with some material. So before you even think about covering your hair, make sure the foundations for a proper hijab are already in place in your life by the way you act, talk and dress especially around men.

1. Simply and most importantly because has Allah (SWT) ordered us to wear the hijab and to cover up. If you believe in Allah (SWT), you pray and do good deeds and wish to obey Him (SWT) then sooner or later you will feel the urge to wear hijab. If you don’t feel like this at all, you should focus on other, more fundamental parts of Islam like reading the Quran, prayer and even things like questioning the sort of effect the people you socialise with have on you and the way you act.

“And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and be modest, and to display of their adornment only that which is apparent, and to draw their veils (head coverings) over their bosoms, and not to reveal their adornment accept to their own husbands or fathers or husbands' fathers, or their sons or their husbands' sons, or their brothers or their brothers' sons or sisters' sons, or women, or their slaves, or male attendants who lack vigour, or children who know naught of women's nakedness. And let them not stamp their feet so as to reveal what they hide of their adornment. And turn unto Allah together, O believers, in order that ye may succeed.”
[Al Nur: 30]

Note what is mentioned first in the Iya: the lowering of the gaze and acting modestly or the covering of the breasts?

2. Dressing modestly in a world where women (and men!) are sexualized a lot will get you more respect from people who may have otherwise just ‘checked you out’ treating you, consciously or subconsciously, as a commodity.
3. Although a daunting thought and often a deterrent for a women wishing to wear hijab in the Western world, people will automatically know that you are a Muslim. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing though! If you are a walking representation of your religion then show it in a good light by the way you act and deal with people; if you change just one person’s bad opinion of Islam the jobs a good’n!

4. Only the people you want to see your Awrah will see it, when your outfit leaves only little to the imagination get back to the drawing board, love. On a slightly more serious note, if your outfits really do lend an eyeful and you want to dress more Islamically, start by de-cluttering your wardrobe of the most revealing items you have and then focus on covering your breasts, waist, hips and then move onto longer sleeves and covering the thighs. You’ll be several steps closer to hijab :)

5. People judge you by your intellect, opinions and achievements instead of your quickly perishable looks and you’re conforming by attempting to replicate unreasonable beauty stereotypes seen in the media.

I could go on and on but remember, the most important reason is because we are told to do so by our Creator who knows us better than we know ourselves and so knows what is good for us and what isn’t (SWT). I’m not saying that the next time you go out you must be covered from head to toe, that’s ridiculous. Islam came to humans in small chunks at a time so they could take it in and adapt their lives easily and over a long period. This is what a Muslimah wanting to be a Hijabi should do, adapt her lifestyle and clothing to be suited to Islam and Hijab only then should she cover her hair. Hope this helps any budding hijabis! More coming soon Isha'Allah :D

Sunday, August 16, 2009

White Wedding Gown

White Wedding Gown
White Wedding Gown
It is the dream of every bride to get the most beautiful and elegant wedding gown available in the market and this is why all brides take extra care while purchasing their wedding gowns.
Even though the color white needs a lot of maintenance, the overall demand for white wedding gowns still surpasses that of other colored wedding gowns.


Brides haven’t always been getting married in white. The Queen wore a beautiful pure white wedding gown which was elegant and extravagant. White or a variation of white symbolizes virginity and it is believed that white brings happiness to the married couple. Without any doubt, a resplendent white wedding gown looks fabulous at any point of time. Nowadays, it is easier to buy affordable wedding gowns online in various shades although white is still predominantly the most sought after shade.

Wedding Dresses Designer

Popular Wedding Dress Designer

After sixteen years as the Senior Fashion Director at Vogue Magazine, Vera Wang became a design director at Ralph Lauren. She became frustrated in finding that there was no fashion when it came to the bridal industry. The first luxury salon that Vera Wang opened was in 1990 which showcased her new bridal collection. The detailing, freshness and elegance of her line swiftly won accolades for Vera from the world at large. It was then that a wedding gown superstar was born. In 1994, Nancy Kerrigan wore a simple white skating dress that had illusion sleeves, and this made Vera Wang a household name. Vera, herself, skated in international skating competitions, and still designs costumes for the Olympic skaters.

Raised by affluent Chinese-American parents in New York, Vera Wang attended Chapin, a prestigious prep-school, followed by Sarah Lawrence College. The primary influence on Vera Wang’s design style was her mother who took her regularly to see the fashion shows in Paris.

Vera Wang is probably the best known wedding gown designer in the business today. You can see some of her creations at pretty much every shop that sells wedding dresses. At bridal shops just like VOWS Bridal Shop you can buy designer wedding gowns at discount prices including a Vera Wang wedding dress. The cost of weddings can be over whelming and the last thing a new bride needs is more stress. This is why most dress shop owners try to cater to every need that a new bride has.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Vintage Wedding Dress

Vintage Wedding Gowns As Good As New

Vintage Wedding Dress
I was chatting with Ann last week and she was telling me about her idea of buying a vintage wedding dress for her up and coming wedding. Now I must say that I am completely jealous of his girl because she has the waistline of the model and is as thin as they come, she’s the sort of girl that looks amazing no matter what she is wearing. It’s funny I really thought that she was more of a late this designer gown type of person but I’ll be honest she does have a load of taste and if she’s going to be a bride she’s going to decide on what she wants for first style that was sued for a perfect.

As we got chatting she asked me if I would go along to a few stores with her so she could actually then get a second opinion from somebody who has been in too wedding dresses for years. At one stage I did own my own company that made all different types of dresses I still make them every now and again but not as much as I used to because I now have other interests. But, I guess I still have a keen eye for style is of wedding gowns and I can tell if somebody is suited to a long dress with sleeves one that may have a nice neckline or sometimes that may be off the shoulder and strapless.
Vintage Wedding Dress
I was meeting Ann on a Wednesday afternoon and she had already made a number of appointments with various bridal stores. The first or we went into had any beautiful Victorian dress that had some really unique features. To be honest it’s something I hadn’t seen before and because Ann has a beautiful tan the white dress simply looked stunning.

The upper section of the satin dress had what you could really describe as bodice on the front. And it looked like something you would see in a romantic novel. Ann’s post line was enhanced and because she has a very slim waist the gown was absolutely inch perfect in size. I think it was really the lace on the front that made it quite interesting in terms of length she was really pleased. But, the problem was this was the first door we have tried and she had found the perfect dress for her wedding. Like all brides we havd to visit another five stores to see what they had, it’s always advisable to do this and the first store agreed to hold onto the dress for the day until she was completely satisfied if nothing else was available. This was really nice of them because let’s be honest not many of the major stores will do this type of thing for somebody but because it was a small family run bridal store they agreed to this.

At the end of the day you guessed it we ended up back in the first or trying to the dress on again just to double check everything. Ann was so pleased with the price of the skirt and she even had the neck to try and negotiate slightly better pricing. This was not a cheap gown but she had also promised them to come back the following week with her bridesmaids and select one from the vast range that they had in stock.

Dress For Wedding

Las Vegas Wedding Dresses and Wedding Gowns
A bride-to-be may have many options when selecting a wedding dress in Las Vegas or anywhere else for that matter. Brides need to select a dress that suits them perfectly and one that blends with their skin tone. Different types of wedding gowns come in different styles, colors, prices, materials and length. The bride should order their wedding dress between four and six months prior to the wedding ceremony to avoid last minute disappointments.

How to Get a Wedding Gown Online
A bride-to-be can purchase or rent their wedding dress from a wedding store or via the internet. Many people prefer to shop on the internet for wedding dresses because they can read other people's blogs to get recommendations from other online buyers. Shopping online enables a person to visit many websites thus enabling them to select a store that offers the best prices. Most online wedding stores have pictures of Las Vegas wedding dresses that they have for sale as well as their prices. The shopper should select a store that offers fair prices on the kind of wedding gown they are looking for. For a bride to buy a wedding gown online, they should have a valid credit card to allow for effective transactions. After making online payments, a person may request the company to have it delivered a day or two before the wedding day.

-line gowns, alternatively known as princess wedding gowns, are suitable for people whose waistlines are not quite visible. Sheath wedding gowns are suitable for brides who are slender or petite-framed. Mermaid-wedding gowns on the other hand are suitable for people who have hourglass figures because it accentuates their curves. When selecting a Las Vegas wedding gown, it is important to get advice from friends or family in order to choose one that fits well.

Selecting a Suitable Wedding Gown Color
The choice of colors of any Las Vegas wedding dress entirely depends on a person's preference. The most common colors that people select for their wedding gowns are white, cream, beige or taupe. Most brides also pick a color that coordinates well with the entire wedding theme. In a case where the bride selects an empire-waist wedding gown that has a ribbon, she should ensure that the ribbon is not of the same color as the wedding gown. This creates an appealing contrast and accentuates the bride's beauty. For instance, if the empire-wedding gown is cream, they may have a soft beige ribbon to accentuate the bust.

Celebrity Style Steal: Cheryl Cole's Hippie Dress

I saw this photo of Cheryl Cole the other day in a magazine and love her outfit so much that I had to do a post on it. After searching google for far too long I finally found the website ( that she bought the dress from but unfortunately they don't sell it anymore, however they do sell a very similar dress (below) for $398.00 here. It is pricey but it's 95% silk and I looove it :D

Regrettably, we don't all have that amount of cash to splash on a single ensemble so I decided to recreate the look using items more within our decidedly limited budget.. Here is a skirt I found from a lovely website ( that has a massive range of gypsy skirts all at fantastic prices, you can find this one here for a pocket-friendly $24.99.

I have paired it with wardrobe basics to complete the look, I gave the waist belt a miss as I don't think that counts as a hijabis wardrobe essential:

I think a hippie hijab style like this would look best with the outfit, but of course you can experiment to find what works:

Hope you like the look ^-^

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cheap Wedding Dresses

Cheap Wedding Dresses
Bride to be, as you plan your wedding on a tight budget there is already enough anxiety attached to getting the perfect gown at a price you can live with. When the internet came into being, it became easier to search for a cheap wedding dress that could fit your budget, along with style, elegance and taste.

As a girl, the wedding dress really bring us to much imagine, and the dream has begian at the first sight of Mr Right. however, do you know how can select an elegent, delicated design wedding dress with low price. No one deny that the wedding is sacred, a siutable wedding dress will give bride and groom more happy and romantic feelings.
Cheap Wedding Dresses
Compared with Europe , some Asia countries can supply quality and more competitive price for bride to be. The mateirals they use in the wedding dress making are best silk that from China Hangzhou (a well-known China silk city with more than 1000 years) or India. If you are considering buying direct from China, or overseas, here are a few additional things to consider, based on some independent research. You need to Beware because the pictures they use do not always represent the actual dress that they send.

Here is a source for a cheap wedding dress online. You can go to the Aminweddingdress bridal Online Store website and find prices that are 60-80 percent lower than bridal shops. I hope this article will give you useful information of quality and Cheap wedding dress

Beach Wedding Dresses

Beach Wedding Dresses
Beach Wedding DressesBeach Wedding Dresses
The trend for beach wedding dresses
or any wedding dress for that matter, has been leaning towards simplicity for the last several years. Gone are the wedding dresses that incorporated heavy materials, yards of lace and large fabric flowers. The bride's arms came uncovered, bare shoulders became stylish and beach wedding dresses became uncomplicated and unencumbered.
Beach Wedding DressesBeach Wedding Dresses
If you look up the synonyms for simplicity, you'll come up with words like ease, effortlessness, minimalism and cleanness. But then again, you'll also encounter words like plainness or even blandness. If you look at the two groups of words, you probably have an idea of the challenge you'll have to face if you choose to wear a simple beach wedding dress on your big day.

So what is simple? Choose words like 'minimalist' or 'ease' and combine that with 'clean lines' and you'll have an idea of how a simple beach wedding dress should look like. If you need a good example of a simple but stunning wedding dress, go back several years and imagine what the late Carolyn Bessette wore for her wedding to John Kennedy, Jr. That was a simple gown with no frills – just clean, beautiful lines, a long sheath dress cut on a bias and made to hug the bride's enviable figure perfectly.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dresses For Wedding

Dresses For Wedding
A wedding on a tropical island invokes images of sand, surf, and rolling waves. A gentle breeze and bright sunshine the bride who awaits her island wedding, in her beautiful island wedding dress.

Island wedding dress fabrics

Island wedding dresses are more an idea or a sense of style itself. several aspects must be respected for the bride to feel comfortable on the beach on an island wedding. One is the trade winds, which are light and breeze. To be able to use the trade winds for a bride, are fabrics that are lighter weight, such as georgette, linen, charmeuse, chiffon, satin, cotton, silk and chiffon. The advantage of these fabrics is their easy mobility, to limit the amount to keep a tissue or clinging to the skin may have a girlfriend in hot weather.

This means that the wedding dress the bride will have to be packed, therefore, a dress that irons well or less likely to increase is a sure bet. According to an island wedding theme, sarongs, tea length dresses, wedding dresses or shorts are fine. A train that runs it is not advisable when the location of the wedding is outdoors, a shorter version, but is acceptable.
Dresses For Wedding
Island wedding dress color or color detailing
Statements made by tropical island wedding dresses in color, as opposed to the more conventional white or ivory, which is still very good color choices for island wedding dresses. Color adds character and charm of the island is infused into the ceremony and, as such, any color can work well with the establishment of an island wedding. For those brides who prefer otherwise, some of the details of the wedding can be in color, such as applique, embroidery, some piping, or banda, may be in color. This is described in finer touches of color, without overwhelming the senses.

As a tribute to the stunningly beautiful nature of island weddings, a good number of highly respected designers in the wedding dress industry has all of the lines of wedding dresses island. The style of dress can range from spaghetti straps, Strapless, halter and neck, an empire waist line, cut back, and full skirts.
Dresses For Wedding
Island wedding dress accessories
Island wedding dresses have to be linked with appropriate footwear, as traditional pumps are not practical in sand. As a result, the sandals, which are elegant and simple, which work well with wedding dresses. A strap sandals are especially recommended. Sandals, adorned with flowers that are hand painted, jewels, or shells are a popular choice of the island dress shoes, sandals and barefoot are. These are the jewels that adorn the tops of the feet of a bride, while leaving the soles of their bare feet. Ornaments can include flowers, Rhinestones and pearls.

Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dress Ideas, a Few Handy Pointers

Wedding Dresses
Searching for ideas for the ideal wedding dress gives you numerous options. Whether it's a modest wedding dress, a celtic wedding dress, a gothic wedding dress, a colored wedding dress, the selection is just about endless. You could likewise design your own wedding dress.

But even as there are myriad ideas for wedding dresses there are a lot of possible pitfalls.

Whilst looking at wedding dresses there are a couple of things you ought consider.

1. Examine out a few dress styles on your own first of all. yes you heard right, do not take anyone with you. No, not your mother or your lifelong best friend. Everybody to some degree has a preconception of what their preferred wedding gown would be. This approximation is made as a result of previous experiences, emotions etc. Their idea of their wedding dress may have no resemblance to yours.

Get going exploring for wedding dresses on your own just to get an idea and narrow down your alternatives a little. And then when you've shaped your own opinion on the types of wedding dress that appeals to you, by all means take your friends and mother with you. But working with a large party of friends at the very outset of your search is calling for for trouble. Get the groundwork done first.

2. Pay attention to advice offered by the retailers. Their experience has taught them many things. They'll recognise which wedding dresses are infamous for wrinkling, which wedding dresses suit which types of figures.

3. The critical advice that these pros can offer will not be confined to wedding dresses alone. They can counsel you on the types of underwear that is the most appropriate for each style of figure and dress. Try out several styles of bra, take your time, you don't want to have any regrets. These folks will also be able to assist you with picking out complimentary shoe styles.

4.. If you are thinking of a wedding dress in a shade that is not white or cream deliberate on the following.

Wedding Dresses
Blonde and fair haired brides generally have blueish/grey eyes and find that blue colored wedding dresses and lilac colored wedding dresses work particularly well.

Very pale skinned brides should avoid the following colored wedding dresses, very pale whites or light greens.

Peach colored wedding dresses, cappuccino colored wedding dresses, champagne colored wedding dresses work very well for brides with olive to dark skin, these colors also work well for brunettes and redheads.

6. Whilst searching ideas for your wedding veil weigh up the following ideas.

A wedding veil should always complement the wedding dress not compete with it. Wedding veils can be vary from those below the shoulder, to waist level to full length veils to train to the awesome ( and sometimes problematic ) cathedral wedding veils.

The elongated, dreamy floaty veils are broadly speaking made from a silk tulle and favor a bias cut or a columnar style wedding dress. Shorter veils become the full skirted ballerina style wedding dress, which also happens to become the taller bride.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

destination wedding-destination wedding

I recommended to you all that want to have destination wedding, you may able to visit Bali land. It is too beautiful and wonderful. I guess your wedding will be more than only wedding. Bali is a land in Asia Indonesia country. Do you know, when Michael Jackson still life, he want to concert in Indonesia and he want to be given this Land. But Indonesia did not want. Because Bali land is more than a land, there are many cultures there that all of them are Indonesia's.


Wedding albums are actually becoming a trend now. because you can truly show the essence of your wedding through its limitless possibilities in album layout designs. Each page can tell a story through the creative use of graphic effects, patterns, and filters, as well as fancy photography and catchy texts. Unlike traditional albums, each page is mounted on a stiff board, then laminated. Some even have magnetic page corners, thereby protecting your albums from the test of time.

wedding dj-wedding dj

Wedding DJ & Mobile disco in North East. “Your wedding day is one of the most important days if your life. Here you will think more, because if some one get disco in wedding dj, some one can also look at other people and more have desire to him. So without wedding dj in your wedding is no matter. but if you want your event to be elegant, stylish and romantic or fab & funky is not because of wedding DJ. But your partner.