Friday, August 14, 2009

Celebrity Style Steal: Cheryl Cole's Hippie Dress

I saw this photo of Cheryl Cole the other day in a magazine and love her outfit so much that I had to do a post on it. After searching google for far too long I finally found the website ( that she bought the dress from but unfortunately they don't sell it anymore, however they do sell a very similar dress (below) for $398.00 here. It is pricey but it's 95% silk and I looove it :D

Regrettably, we don't all have that amount of cash to splash on a single ensemble so I decided to recreate the look using items more within our decidedly limited budget.. Here is a skirt I found from a lovely website ( that has a massive range of gypsy skirts all at fantastic prices, you can find this one here for a pocket-friendly $24.99.

I have paired it with wardrobe basics to complete the look, I gave the waist belt a miss as I don't think that counts as a hijabis wardrobe essential:

I think a hippie hijab style like this would look best with the outfit, but of course you can experiment to find what works:

Hope you like the look ^-^