Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wedding Dresses Designer

Popular Wedding Dress Designer

After sixteen years as the Senior Fashion Director at Vogue Magazine, Vera Wang became a design director at Ralph Lauren. She became frustrated in finding that there was no fashion when it came to the bridal industry. The first luxury salon that Vera Wang opened was in 1990 which showcased her new bridal collection. The detailing, freshness and elegance of her line swiftly won accolades for Vera from the world at large. It was then that a wedding gown superstar was born. In 1994, Nancy Kerrigan wore a simple white skating dress that had illusion sleeves, and this made Vera Wang a household name. Vera, herself, skated in international skating competitions, and still designs costumes for the Olympic skaters.

Raised by affluent Chinese-American parents in New York, Vera Wang attended Chapin, a prestigious prep-school, followed by Sarah Lawrence College. The primary influence on Vera Wang’s design style was her mother who took her regularly to see the fashion shows in Paris.

Vera Wang is probably the best known wedding gown designer in the business today. You can see some of her creations at pretty much every shop that sells wedding dresses. At bridal shops just like VOWS Bridal Shop you can buy designer wedding gowns at discount prices including a Vera Wang wedding dress. The cost of weddings can be over whelming and the last thing a new bride needs is more stress. This is why most dress shop owners try to cater to every need that a new bride has.