Friday, August 14, 2009

Vintage Wedding Dress

Vintage Wedding Gowns As Good As New

Vintage Wedding Dress
I was chatting with Ann last week and she was telling me about her idea of buying a vintage wedding dress for her up and coming wedding. Now I must say that I am completely jealous of his girl because she has the waistline of the model and is as thin as they come, she’s the sort of girl that looks amazing no matter what she is wearing. It’s funny I really thought that she was more of a late this designer gown type of person but I’ll be honest she does have a load of taste and if she’s going to be a bride she’s going to decide on what she wants for first style that was sued for a perfect.

As we got chatting she asked me if I would go along to a few stores with her so she could actually then get a second opinion from somebody who has been in too wedding dresses for years. At one stage I did own my own company that made all different types of dresses I still make them every now and again but not as much as I used to because I now have other interests. But, I guess I still have a keen eye for style is of wedding gowns and I can tell if somebody is suited to a long dress with sleeves one that may have a nice neckline or sometimes that may be off the shoulder and strapless.
Vintage Wedding Dress
I was meeting Ann on a Wednesday afternoon and she had already made a number of appointments with various bridal stores. The first or we went into had any beautiful Victorian dress that had some really unique features. To be honest it’s something I hadn’t seen before and because Ann has a beautiful tan the white dress simply looked stunning.

The upper section of the satin dress had what you could really describe as bodice on the front. And it looked like something you would see in a romantic novel. Ann’s post line was enhanced and because she has a very slim waist the gown was absolutely inch perfect in size. I think it was really the lace on the front that made it quite interesting in terms of length she was really pleased. But, the problem was this was the first door we have tried and she had found the perfect dress for her wedding. Like all brides we havd to visit another five stores to see what they had, it’s always advisable to do this and the first store agreed to hold onto the dress for the day until she was completely satisfied if nothing else was available. This was really nice of them because let’s be honest not many of the major stores will do this type of thing for somebody but because it was a small family run bridal store they agreed to this.

At the end of the day you guessed it we ended up back in the first or trying to the dress on again just to double check everything. Ann was so pleased with the price of the skirt and she even had the neck to try and negotiate slightly better pricing. This was not a cheap gown but she had also promised them to come back the following week with her bridesmaids and select one from the vast range that they had in stock.