Friday, November 27, 2009

Stylish Blue Muslim Wedding Inspirations

Planning a Muslim Wedding for a Muslim Bride with a Blue Color Theme

There is no one traditional color that is preferred for Muslim bridal wear. Many Arab cultures such as in Yemen and Oman, as well as Malay Muslims, Indian Muslims and Pakistani Muslims weddings are usually vibrant events; brides favor colors such as the reds, yellows and oranges. This is unlike in the West where white is favored for the wedding dress; although Western brides tend to incorporate color in the wedding decorations such as in wedding flowers and wedding table settings. Western wedding therefore also typically incorporates such warm and rich colors such as the reds, oranges, browns and the yellows. For instance, natural items such as sheaths or wheat or corn can be used as decoration items for a Western fall wedding. Also favored are color schemes of rich jewel tones, such as gold or silver.

Now the latest trend in wedding color scheme involve cool blues! A modern color scheme may use chocolate brown with light-blue accents, such as the blue colors inspiration board image below shows.

Blue Wedding Inspiration Board

We thought it would be a cool idea to create an inspiration idea board for a Muslim wedding based on the latest wedding color scheme of blues and chocolates (i.e. the browns)!

The latest ethnic designs in the Muslim world for bridal wear such as jalabiyas in the blue color are featured below. The focus here in on blue for the wedding dresses, which is fast gaining popularity and can be easily found in a variety of blue shades. Check out what we have narrowed down, and see if you agree with the choices.

Modern and Stylish Vibrant Blue Wedding Jalabiya
Just got to love this bridal outfit. The bodice is slightly fitted with
a high-waisted belt. The skirt flares out from the knee length.
Swishing When Walking
Perfect look for a Beautiful Bride.

Traditional Blue Bridal Dress from Oman
This is a more traditional look. Like the South Asians, Omanis tend to
favor vibrant colors for their bridal wear. This is one sparkling bridal dress!
I also love the traditional head-dress feature.

Malay Style Blue and Gold Bridal Dress
Malay style bridal dress
Fish-tail (or mermaid) styled skirt with lace train.

Shayla Hijab Style
Somehow I much prefer this style of tying the hijab for
Bridal Hijab Style

Egyptian Multi-Wrap Hijab Style
The style on the top left hand corner would
also be a great bridal hijab style.

Amazing Shimmering Silver Shawl
Matches well with Blue shades of bridal dresses

Bridal Accessories for Blue Theme Wedding
Modern and Quirky Crystal Bridal Jewelry

Navy Blue and Silver Swarovski Crystal Waterfall Necklace

Wedding Favor Ideas - Blue Theme
Special Ordered Chocolate Bars
with Blue and Silver Wrapping

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