Monday, March 30, 2009

Yemeni Hijab Style

The next country I've explored the hijab style of is Yemen. Bordering both Saudi and Oman, I guessed the style would be a cross between the two countries and it kind of is:

Brightly coloured hijab, so pretty :D

Like in Saudi, a lot of women in Yemen wear the niqab, I think this version is nicer than black though:
Yemenis seem to have a hat fetish:

I love this next one, the hijab and hat combo is so graceful, especially with that bright pink scarf:

I love this pic :] I don't really know why tbh, I think it's the jeans

Cute hijabs, I love the purple one but I think I would set my chin free a bit more if I was wearing it lol:

Yemeni soldiers training to counter terrorists, you go girlies!

Check out their hijabified army outfits, so much nicer than the butch ones they make in other countries lol:

Jewish Yemenis, in some colourful outfits and half hijabified, loving the beads:

I'm so in love with this black Yemeni hena, have to get it done!

More around the world hijab style coming soon, Isha'Allah!