Friday, September 25, 2009

wedding dress teaser..updated

Eid mubarrak everyone...alhamdulillah i just got back yesterday from both my kampungs and raya was will be uploaded when i get a new memory card reader..

anyhow since raya pics still cant be uploaded so i shall upload teaser pictures of my wedding outfit...i only have my nikah and sanding baju...i forgot to take picture of my tandang baju (that one is in champagne)

This is my nikah lace...but of course it will be worn with white satin..not the black/white batik at the background....for my nikah attire, I'm actually partly using my sisters nikah outfit...since we are the same size and body saves a lot of money and I'm only wearing it for nikah session at the mosque....inshaAllah..My sanding material...when i choose it, alot of people was very worried because of how simple it is (design only at the border for the baju. the rest is plain chiffon)...but i loved it......when they opened the material i straight away fell in love with it...well it actually wouldn't be so much of a problem if i wanted to do a proper wedding dress...but i insisted on a kurung modern....I have always preferred myself in kurung than kebaya, so no matter what people say i do not want to wear a kebaya for my on my wedding body shape does not suit a kebaya......

and to make matters worst..i do not want a train nor a long veil for any of my wedding baju..mum put her foot down and said no dragging anything, since there is a hadith sahih that supports that i reluctantly pretty much it does sound more like a baju nikah then a sanding attire..

finally my designer drew a design that i really liked....he will play with beadings and layers of materials instead....1st fitting will be in 2 months inshaAllah...can't wait

p/s: secretly i do feel sometimes that my wedding dress is too simple..but when i see other brides wedding outfits...i always seem to love the nikah outfits more than reception...