Saturday, February 12, 2011

Everybody Loves Stripes (And Wide Leg Jeans..?)

A casual outfit idea for the spring.

Pink Hijab

A lot of people say to me that because they are not as vertically endowed as others, they cannot get away with wearing wide leg jeans and therefore have no choice BUT to wear skinny jeans...
Here are a few tips for wearing loose bottoms for shorter women:
1. If you are petit and slim, wide leg jeans should work if you opt of a shorter dress and a short cardigan to avoid looking swamped.
2. If you are petit and plus size, go for bootcut jeans but not a shorter dress.
3. Choose a more structured top half (not tight) when wearing wide jeans e.g. blazer.
4. Remember, it is not always about finding clothes to suit your shape and size. It's great if you can do that but maintaining modesty is far more important.
5. Experiment. Trust me, you will find a wide leg style that suits you if you play around with the clothes you have in your wardrobe.
6. Lastly, don't think that because you are wearing wide leg jeans it is OK to wear a long sleeved top tucked into them. It's not. Sorry :(
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