Friday, February 27, 2009

Omani Hijab Style

My next country on 'Around The World: Hijab Style' is Oman, the first Arabic country I'm doing yay :D Now their style is pretty diverse ranging from clothing similar to that of the traditional Pakistani dress to the glamorous black abaya. I'm sure a lot of Omani hijabis wear modern clothing but I didn't really come across any pics of that style so mainly, there are the abayas and traditional style in the post.

First off, some young Omani women wearing lovely, embellished black abayas. My fave is the one on they left, I love those silky, shiny abayas and I like her hijab style too ^-^

This next Omani woman would be right on trend if she were here in that pretty paisley number. Her loose hijab style would be especially useful in the summer:

The traditional Omani niqab, is roughly this shape and is usually hard as opposed to other Arab countries where it's made of layers of gauzy black cloth.

Like Pakistani style, Omanis wear brightly coloured, embellished outfits. I love this next one!

I came across this Polyvore outfit, by ....nida.... and I thought it looked a bit like the above outfit so I'll put it in so you can pinch her style if you like:

something I would totally wear!!!

something I would totally wear!!! - by ....nida....

Next, more wonderful colour with some Omani pals:

Omani fashion on the runway:

Great tie dye galabiya:

More Pakistani-Omani style:

And my fave pic! I sooo want this galabiya and I haven't even seen the front:

And lastly, the random pics I didn't know where to put:

Great hijab wrap, probs my fave:

More countries coming soon, Insha'Allah!