Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Best And Worst (Abaya) Looks Of 2010

Feels like not long ago I was writing that for 2009.. Anyway, I have decided to focus on abayas this year, not because I have decided to wear one but because I have many abaya photos that have been left unused for far too long.

Let's start with cuts...


Abayas come in lots and lots of different shapes, here are some of my favorites:

A loose, simple, flowing style with tight sleeves. The only thing that ruins this is what appears to be a cockroach crawling up her abaya. Nice.
I love this Pakistani take on the abaya, the colours are lovely. But I hate how they have to make their abayas shorter than normal. Floor-sweeping is the only way.

You cannot beat the traditional look. This lovely abaya is designed by Amal Murad...

If I had to pick one for the best of 2010, I would say this due to it's unique cut that still maintains a modest look:


This is why people research their target market before designing a product. I doubt this particular style will be available in Saudi Arabia. You are likely, however, find it in Dubai.

Finding a disgustingly hideous abaya on the net, or elsewhere, is not hard. Finding a disgustingly hideous belted abaya is decidedly easier than I thought...

I could continue but I shall have mercy on your eyes.

Actually, nahhh..

While running the risk of offending people, I have to say that my least favorite abaya style is the overhead.

Why? Have you seen the Harry Potter films..?!

Moving swiftly onto sleeves.
I like the sleeve of these next two abayas. I have to say though, the girls remind me of brown versions of Mean Girls O.o
Buttons rule!


There's a fashionably wide sleeve and then there's just silliness. This is veering towards the latter. I hate these next sleeves. I hate them.. and I hate the girl and her stupid smirk.

Oh who am I kidding..? I have bag envy so decided to put her in the bad section even though the sleeves are OK. If somebody can purchase me an LV in order to cure my jealousy, please do :)

There's something not right about the sleeves of the next abaya. Can't put my finger on it though..

Fabric is up next.


Light and flowy. The perfect abaya combo.


Bin and bag. The not so perfect abaya combo.

Shaylas next, the abayas best friend.



Hair. It is like an un-tamable creature that will just not stay under that darned scarf.

Rule #1347 - If you have a long face, do not elongate further with scarf. See posts about wearing headscarf to suit face shape (and also refer to the Quran) if you are still unsure why the following look is so very wrong.

Styling an abaya..


Keeping it simple, with a cupcake.


The overpowering use of red and black is my idea of fashion hell.

The worst abaya look of 2010? (The matching hijab and wellies just doesn't sit right with me..)

And finally, I just have to add this one in. It reminds me of one of those before and after things. Before and after touching down to Heathrow from Riyadh, that is :)