Friday, February 4, 2011

Mubarak: A 30 Year Problem...

Unfortunately, the demonstrations in Egypt have not gone as smoothly as those in Tunisia (who have finally gained their freedom to practice Islam! Before, the adaan - call to prayer - was considered noise pollution and the hijab was banned in places of work and education, even fasting was not allowed at work..!).

But seriously, Hosni mate, please.. just eff off man!!! Nobody likes you, nobody wants you. Nobody apart from Israel, that is. Israel. In case you didn't know, if it meant they were protecting "their" spit of land, they would betray you, murder you and never look back. In fact, I bet they are regretting not topping you a few months back in order for your sprog (who is, incidentally, a British citizen) to make a swift transition into your chair and continue to lick their ass and do whatever they command.

What I honestly don't get about the guy is that he has a foot in the grave and yet he is a cool as a cucumber to rule like an oppressive, power-hungry tyrant. Is he not a little apprehensive that he might get, you know, punished..? I mean, you'd think he should be able to relate to Pharoh better than most, right? It seems the only thing he is apprehensive about is the Muslim Brotherhood party coming into power. I would just like to say at this point that although I find some of the rules in both Arabia and Iran to be disagreeable, I would be overjoyed if the Muslim Brotherhood party were to be elected. Supporting Palastine can only be a good thing.
Anyway, that's my rant over. Make duas for the protesters, that it all ends well for them!