Thursday, November 13, 2008

How To Wear Wide Leg Jeans

Wide leg jeans are great when you know what to wear with them, if not, it can all go terribly wrong :( Here are some tips on how to wear them and what to wear them with:


Wide legs look really good with layered clothing; wear a mixture of textures and lengths (of tops) for a great look. Check out these cute layered outfits -

Love this next one! Swing jackets can look great with wide legs but just make sure it doesn't make you look too big :O


It's so important to get this right with wide legs! Shoes to go for if you are petite are wedges and most types of heels (ankle boots are great). This makes you appear taller and lengthens your legs, just make sure the jeans skim the floor when you have the shoes on.

Taller people can also wear wedges (but make sure the jeans still skim the floor like in the pics) but flats also look great with wide legs. Oh and sandals for lush on everyone! Yay :D

Check out these cute metallic flats:

And these ankle boots look fab with the wide jeans:

Short Tunics:

Wide leg jeans are one down from a full length skirt so they are pretty modest. This allows you to put your shorter tunics and dresses to good use -

I like the neutral tones of the pic above, I think is would look cute with a small cardigan added to hijabify :)


And finally, you don't have to be a copy cat, you can take inspiration from the fashion focused..

Have fun experimenting with wide leg jeans! ^-^