Wednesday, November 5, 2008

USA: Hijab Style

I thought I would do a post on USA hijab style today considering all the commotion about US elections and that I did one on the British Hijab a while back. First, you'll always find Muslims at a protest lol..I like this girls cute outfit, I just hope shes not coupled her denim jacket with jeans :I

Ohh, I like the blue and green maxi and that pink dress is kinda cute too. I'd wear the maxi with a cardi though rather than adding a top underneath:

You look adorable love but if you want to keep that pretty little outfit you really should get off the railway track..

I really like this next pic, the arm coverings she's used actually look really cool and I love the Turkish hijab style:

This girls hip hop style hijab is so cute (with a real cK scarf I

Sweet hijabi pals coming up..

The last one certainly looks pleased with herself and rightly so, they both have a cool style. I think the 3rd mates may have overdone the patternage slightly though lol :D i love this next photo, it's alive with colours and styles:

And lastly a nice hijabi girl outfit..

Well, it pains me to say this actually but in comparison to the British hijab I have to say America seems to be the more stylish and diverse *pout*