Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Moroccan Style

The part of the world I'm looking at today is Morocco, I've been there before but I was far too young to remember the weather let alone the fashion tastes. I've done me research and here are my fave pics:

Street Style:

Cute pic showing a range of styles including the famous Moroccan dress. I have a couple of really beautiful ones from Arabia but they're about 3 inches too short now..

These women are modeling an array of lovely colours and I thought they'd look a little more pleased..

Not too hot on the masking tape look but apart from that I wouldn't mind a good old rummage through these off street shops:

And also this slightly more uptown fashion store:

Aww, all in pink with a matching baby lol..

These pals certainly have differing tastes, I like the one with the trousers best:

Glam Style:

Beautiful Moroccan dresses next, I love them all and really wouldn't mind owning any of them although, if I had to choose, it would be the last one because I love that cream and red:

A rather wonderful take on Moroccan fashion next, I adore those gorgeous beaded necklaces. Stunning!

A Moroccan cross between a hijabi and non-hijab gives you this cute little number..

Ah, we've seen this before:

It's interesting, really, that Miss Morocco wears hijab but Miss Saudi Arabia doesn't..but that's a different story. Moving on, Princess Lala of Morocco in a lovely traditional dress..

Well that's it, I do like the unique style of Morocco..but I still think Americas got it :( ah well, more 'country' styles coming soon!