Monday, November 24, 2008

Hijab And Swimsuit: Love it or Shove it?

I was all for the idea when I heard about it but now I think I'd rather find an all female pool and wear a 'normal' costume or give the whole thing a miss and I love swimming! It's not that I think they are immodest at all but they just look a bit to much to swim in comfortably.. although I haven't actually tried on one of these halal swimming costume so my opinion is hardly valid :I

Starting with Primo Modo and its selection:

OK, so they don't look too bad but the price (cheapest $85) is really unreasonable for what it is but I have to say my fave is the pink one up top :D

Next up the 'Burqini' which I'm sure most of you will have heard of from Ahiida. This site offers a selection of fits ranging from 'active fit' all the way to 'modest fit'

Modest Fit:

Slim Fit:
Active Fit:Well I'm still not sure about the whole thing to be honest, I think I'll shove it for now even though I can see why it would be useful to Muslimahs and it is a great invention ^-^ But what about you?