Sunday, January 23, 2011

True Indian Wedding Dress - Bridal And Wedding Sari

The marriage process can be a long and formal one, with up to two weeks of daily activities leading to the wedding ceremony. The Sikh wedding ceremony is called Anand Karaj meaning "Blissful Union". The ceremony usually takes place in the morning at a Sikh temple (Gurdwara) or in the bride or groom's home or in a banquet facility transformed into a temple for the occasion.
The ceremony can be officiated by a Granthi (priest) or any good Sikh. The bride is dressed in traditional shalwar and kameez or langa (a red blouse and trousers or skirt).
A heavy gold-embroidered shawl (chunni or dupatta) covers her head. The groom is dressed in traditional shirt and trousers and he wears a red or dark pink turban and carries a coloured scarf (pulla).
Typical indian wedding dress The wedding day has many stages and ceremonies. The milni (meeting) is the first event. The bride and groom's families greet each other and embrace. The groom distributes karah prashad (scrared food, ceremonial sweets) to his family.

India is a very big country where people follow different customs and traditions at its different regions. According to their different customs and rituals, different parts of India have different wedding dresses. One of the most common wedding dresses of India is Indian Bridal Saree or sari. As different parts of India have different customs, the style of wearing bridal dresses such as saree is also different at different places of India.

Indian bridal saree is a type of cloth which is made of different types of fabrics. The most common fabric which is used to make saree is silk. The way of wearing Indian bridal saree is same as simple saree.
Women wear saree by wrapping it around the body with the help of pins. While wearing a saree, the most important thing which a woman should kept in mind is its design.