Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Great British Hijab

Britain is home to around 2 million Muslims so that would mean about 1 million are Muslimahs, how many hijabis would that make? I don't know maybe 500,000. Anyway, so that's about half a million different styles, tastes and methods of wearing hijab. Great! Here are some photos to give you a taster of the diversity of hijab style in the UK.

These 3 girls featured on a program about Muslim women in Britain on the BBC a while back, I like their different hijab styles:

Taken at the GPU event, to hijabi sisters. So cute:
Going hands free..hijab style lol..
I love hijab and sunglasses look, especially when its with a Turkish style hijab. But these are nice too :D
This photo is soo cute, not sure where it is but I love it anyway

OK, not exactly 'stylish' but a great photo nonetheless:

Interesting pic, not sure if its even from Britain though..but it probably is..we'll just say it is for now :)

I tried copying a British hijabi's style on polyvore, here how is turned out:

I really think its great that hijabis are finding new ways to dress and are able to mix and match modesty with 'modern' styles. Although I am not intending to live in the UK for the rest of my life I think it is better for wearing hijab than some other western countries. Although, of course Islamic countries would be my preference for that issue in particular. So thats my post for the day, hope you liked it!