Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Perfect Curve

The perfect curve on the top of a Turkish hijab above the forehead, that is. Ever wondered how they do it? Lots of pins, lots of time, lots of practise? Nope. It's simple actually, just a matter of some soft card (or that see-through plastic from the collars of new mens shirts). I drew some simple steps to follow to get the perfect hijab curve:

1/ Cut a piece of soft card or plastic about 5cm by 25cm and place it in the middle of an open square hijab..
2/ Fold the square into a triangle as usual, making sure that the card remains in the middle. Then put in a hijab cap so the scarf won't slip and wear the hijab the way you usually would making sure the card forms a curve above the forehead..

You can trim the card to a more comfortable shape and curving the sharp edges off would be a good idea to stop it piercing your hijab. Just get experimenting and you'll find it's a lot easier to get that perfect Turkish look than it seems.

These girls clearly know the trick and their hijabs look wonderful: