Sunday, October 5, 2008

Celebrity Style Steal.. Hanan Turk

The ballerina come actress, Hanan Turk, is a renowned Egyptian celebrity not only for her success in acting but also for her wonderful taste in hijab style. Here are a few photos that show off some of her hijabi outfits..
Very much her signiture style, Hanan loves to flip the back of her cowl neck jumper over her hijab to create a cute 'hood' look:

Shes a big fan of beads and necklaces, I love the way she wears several at the same time - it seems to tie the outfit together:
I like this but it's pretty simple, I would add some more colour to spice it up:
I just love her wedding dress!
Here I put together a Hanan inspired polyvore set, I love this hijab style:

So all in all I love Hanan's style especially what she does with the cowl neck, I think this would be great for winter. I also like her various hijab styles, they're well worth trying out. I hope you liked it too!