Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Celebrity Style Steal.. Muna Abusulayman

My next style steal is Muna Abusulyman. She is a mother of two, a successful university lecturer and a rising TV show hostess with a great eye for fashion. Muna has spent much of her life abroad, from secondary school through college and university, she lived in the United States. Back in Arabia, she is now in the entertainment business as co-hostess of MBC’s famous show Kalam Nawaem that deals with social issues in the Arab World.

But..well, I'm more interested in her wardrobe tbh! So here are some of her cute little outfits:

Aw, this soft brown hijab and bright red shirt compliment each other perfectly, love it!

Woww! Don't you just love the cute floral jacket with a gold-pastel coloured head scarf..I love this look and it really suits Muna. I think it would be a great look to try if you have a similar skin colour to Muna's or darker. If your skin's lighter, you should try bolder versions of the colours so you don't look washed out.
I like this, it's simple, not too risky and still looks great
Embrace your femininity by wearing soft pink hues like Muna. It's too cute!

And last but by no means least, here is a cute polyvore set designed by Unikhijabi from Canada on Polyvore and inspired by Muna:

I just love that tunic! Hope you liked this 'edition' of Celebrity Style Steal! More coming soon Insha'Allah :D