Thursday, October 30, 2008

Prom Dresses

Finding a modest and trendy prom dress can be hard, so much so that you might end up not even wanting to go to your school prom :( In this post I'm going to try and find some pretty but covered dresses that you can wear to your prom:


Here are some dresses that come ready to wear:

This dress is lush, its from and the site has loads of other cute sleeved dresses to check out. These next dresses come with boleros:

They are from, this site has a small selection of other dresses that come with a bolero. If you want a long sleeved bolero instead, a cheap selection, including the ones below are available here.

After diamonds, boleros really are a girls best friend. They greatly increase your options, allowing you to buy a sleeveless long dress. I love this one from which has a really nice selection of long dresses.

I would wear it with this bolero by Marc Jacobs (£415 eek!) as sequins are all the rage at the moment :D

Not many Islamic sites do nice formal gowns but modernmuslimahs has got a few new designs, this being my fave:
I'm not sure it's really great for prom to be honest but its beautiful anyway.

The last and my favorite dress by far..

It's such a beautiful dress, I love it! The lace bolero would need a cream top underneath but that's the only problem there is really. It's from and comes in at a very modest $380 (it's on sale). Even though I have no prom I am seriously thinking about getting it to save for special occasion. is also worth having a look at for modest dresses.


Turkish hijabs are so elegant, I think they are a good option to go for:

You can buy square hijabs from loads of places including: rayannesdesigns, taibaoutfitters, some great pure silk square scarves here and polyester and silk hijabs from primomoda

It doesn't have to be a square hijab though, here is a cute way to wear hijab and cover the ears and neck while still wearing earrings, great for prom:

Another way to get a similar effect can be found here with a step by step explanation too (style 2). And finally, thehijabshop is a good place to look to headscarves too. I can't put all the hijab shops because I would be here forever so here is a directory of all the hijab shops online you will ever need to know about in your entire life.

Hope you liked this post because it took me ages even though its not that long lol.. *falls asleep*