Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Skirt and Boots: Love it or Shove it?

I think this look can only go one way or the other; it can either look really nice or, unfortunately, rather quite distasteful. Its comparable to getting a recipe right: you need to wear exactly the right style of boots and skirt to be able to pull off the look without making yourself look like you dressed in the dark. All sound rather dramatic? Well here's why:

Certainly some not so stylish skirt and boot looks if you ask me..
OK, first, don't think this look will ever grow on people..

Second, please do remember that there is more that one colour under the sun..

And most importantly of all, make sure the boots are LESS obvious than the skirt i.e. if someone sees the boots before the skirt, generally it means the outfit's wrong..

*Oh and lastly, hijab and high pointy boots are like fire and water. Enough said really lol.*

On a more positive note, here are some boot and skirt styles that I actually like:

These looks are cute, but the I think the ouftits would generally suit the slighty older generation, maybe about 30 and up.

Here are some 'younger' looks..
I love these last two looks and I think they are perfect for if you have a slightly shorter skirt that you still want to wear with hijab.

So what do you reckon? Love it or Shove it?