Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Kurdish Hijab: A Splash of Colour

Kurdistan is not actually a country but a large Kurd-inhabited area covering different parts of the countries Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria. They have their own flag and language and with this comes their own interesting kind of fashion.
Here are some pretty pics to show you what I mean:

To start, here are a couple of wedding dresses, modeled but Kurdish women. I think they are both really pretty, but maybe not with the red, silver and green on the second one..

I really like the hijab styles where there are little coins or 'dangly' things that frame the face like in these photos, it looks so pretty :D

How stunning is this photo?

Here's a pic showing the Kurds doing their traditional dance. All the colours and floral patterns of the women's dresses are fabulous and makes the photo really interesting..

Three turkish-kurdish pals with three very different styles:

And lastly, 2 traditional Kurdish dresses. Not sure I'd wear them myself but they are beautiful in their own way:

Overall, I think Kurdish style focuses on bright colours and bold patterns and generally modesty is maintained. Here is a hijabi outfit I put together inspired by the same principles but more casual:

Hope you enjoyed looking into the wonderful, colourful world that is Kurdish fashion :)