Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dress and Jeans: Love it or Shove it?

OK, this style is generally the one that most hijabis (especially in the western world) will go for: the dress, jeans and headscarf look. There are so many ways to wear this it’s ridiculous and in this post I’m going to try and give you some tips on how to and how NOT to wear this style. And I’ll get the eye sores out of the way first…

How NOT to wear your dress/tunic:

One – Don’t think leggings are guna cut it. I usually don’t do the whole ‘Haram! Haram!’ thing but I feel this needs saying…

Two – Please don’t buy things just because they are long and cheap!! Generally most people who read fashion blogs won’t do this so I doubt you really need to be told lol. But, too many times I have been told to buy something just because it will ‘do the job’ so to speak and this will lead to a disaster that could look a bit like this…

I really hope nobody is thinking ‘hmm that’s OK actually’.

And speaking of disasters…this is the mother of all fashion disasters:

Please steer clear of the denim dress when you want to wear jeans. Unless you are actually trying to oppose fashion.

And lastly thick, cheap looking, elastic waist belts kind of speak for themselves..

If you want to wear a waist belt, I would advise you to pop a cardigan over the top of your dress and then LOOSELY tie a skinny, un-elasticated belt around your waist so it brings your outfit together nicely but doesn't cinch in your waist. Perfect.

How you could wear a dress with jeans:

Skinny Jeans:

Finally, some nice outfits. But before that I wanted to put some 'skinny solutions' for those that want to wear the skinny jean. First, I would ditch any thought of super skinnes...

Here are some straight leg alternatives to the skinny leg:

I found these on, they have a fantastic range of straight legs for fair prices so it's well worth checking them out. If you still want skinnies, you could find a pair that aren't so tight and get them in the next size up. I've done this on a couple of pairs and it works a treat because the dress will cover the messy bit caused by the belt at the waist.

Dress, Boots and Jeans:

A good way to wear not-so-baggy jeans is by wearing boots over the top and then a dress that goes down to the top of the boots. If you choose the boot and dress carefully, the end results is really nice and your tighter jeans won't go to waste:

Similar to this look, I love that dress!

Or this, if you popped some jeans underneath

Here is a Polyvore set I made based on this look to give you some more inspiration:

Yes the jeans in there are really quite tight but the dress is long enough to cover them. Not being big headed but I really wouldn't mind having this outfit lol.

Dresses from Shukr:

Here are some dresses I found on shukr which I think are lovely and I would personally wear with straight cut jeans:

My personal opinion is that the first one is long enough to wear with skinnies :D

Trench Coat:

Of course, I'd be foolish to think I could write about all the possible dress and jeans styles but here is the last style that I wanted to show you. It is basically a dress underneath an open trench coat. It looks so cool:

Small pic, best you can still see her outfit is gorgeous..

Cute, simple outfit. Not a trench but, you know what I mean

And last but certainly not least, my fave :)

A good quality trench is defiantly a wardrobe essential, being a timeless piece that can be worn most of the year round. I'd say you need a thin black one and a winter trench in a colour of your choice.

Right I have a million other things that I want to put into this post but they'll have to wait as it's already really long.. hope you liked it! And now it's up to you, love it or shove it?