Tuesday, January 18, 2011


You will need:
Denim cloth
A pair of scissors
Needle and thread
A circular objet (diameter approx 5 inches)

Using the circular object as a guide; draw two circles on the denim cloth. Cut out the two circles leaving an allowance for sewing.

Step 2
Measure the diameter of the circles, multiply this by 3.142 to get the length of the rectangular piece. Use 10 inches for the width of the rectangular piece.

Step 3
Sew circular pieces on either length of the rectangular piece.

Step 4
Sew in a zip at the opening of your bag

Step 5
Cut out two rectangles measuring approx 16x2.5 inches. Fold each piece right side in, sew along the length and turn them right side out. These will be your straps.

Step 6
Attach the straps to the sides of your bag.
Step 7
Pin the studs on your bag in any way you find looks best. I pinned my studs on the straps and along the sides of the bag.
TIP. Studs concentrated in a particular spot look better than when they are scattered all over with wide gaps.
Step 8
Use the same circular object to draw circles on a cereal box or hard plastic. Cut out the circles and put them inside your bag
You can also cut out a rectangular and place it inside your bag to give it shape.