Thursday, January 13, 2011

wedding in Indian style

Marriages have always been considered great opportunities to show off your tastes and personality in a glamorous style, but when it comes to Indian weddings then one can say that nothing compares to the grandiosity that they display. The Indian custom will always require for a wedding to be performed in a big way, no matter how few financial possibilities the people involve in the marriage planning have.

A wedding in Indian style is unfolded with fastidious pieces of garments the peak of them being the Indian wedding dress. The way Indian brides are dressed is related to the custom and rites that originate in very old times, these rites being transmitted from generation to generation resulting in a wedding celebration that lasts more than a single day with many guests attending since Indian people is a numerous people and as such families have more than one child to raise.

The Indian wedding traditions can be easily recognized in the style of Indian wedding dress and the rituals that are included in the unfolding of a wedding. These rituals find their reflection in the three sections that separate the Indian wedding celebration: the pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding. This is how one could easily understand the important role that the Indian wedding dress plays in the displaying of these events.

Finding the right Indian wedding dresses for these occasions will involve choosing the right traditional dress that consists of Salwar suits. Originally these Salwar suits are made of dark colors, such as intense red, maroon, and on rare occasions pink. But with the modern Indian brides various types of Indian wedding dresses have been created to show the image of a traditional bride wrapped in the trends of the nowadays bridal fashion.

There is another style that comes also with the influence of the Mughal time, this  Indian wedding dress being called Anarkali Salwar suit that uses beautiful embroideries on colorful light fabrics that hugs the figure from the top and having a frock design at the bottom. These styles are not counted only as Indian wedding dresses since they can be worn at any special occasion, being considered the outfit for cocktail night, if you want!

We can not end up the description of an Indian wedding dress without mentioning the splendid choices of Saree or otherwise known as Lehengas. Various exquisite embroideries adorn the overall aspects of these sarees, many representing beautiful replicas of flowers or introducing various geometric motifs or stylized forms of figurines to confer this piece of garment the uniqueness that it stands for.