Thursday, January 13, 2011

winter wedding colors yesw

There will always be something special about winter wedding colors as brides nowadays want to step out of the traditional weddings, trying to have their wedding celebration in a note that is quite distinct resulting in an unforgettable event for both the guests and the married couple. Looking for ideas on winter wedding colors, the choices are various, going from the glacier silver and blue to the red and green with many other options in between.

If you are one of those brides who have chosen the miracle of winter season to celebrate the most important event of their life, then you should decide for the winter wedding colors that will fill your wedding atmosphere, since not always the traditional white can be the only choice. You can opt for colors that go with the feeling of relaxation and serenity, such as it would be the blue color complemented by either passionate red or warm cream.
Another choice can be the metallic gold or silver to go hand in hand with the cool and icy air that a winter season brings and contrasted by the bright green or light red. Selecting also fabrics like silk dupioni or silk satin can as well be used as a completeness of the richness that winter season comes through the abundance of snow.

When you are still deliberating on the winter wedding colors, do not forget to take into account the choice of your wedding dress and bridal accessories, along with the dresses that you will like for your bridesmaids to wear. Another element is added to the overall atmosphere and has a strict connection with color and symbolism, is the wedding flowers. They have to be also chosen in harmony with the winter wedding colors you have decided upon, otherwise they won’t look as being part of the same big picture.

As a general note: the winter wedding colors should be reflected in the choice of your wedding gown, your bridesmaids dresses, in the wedding blooms and the decoration used for the wedding venues – both the ceremony venue and reception hall. Along with these you can choose for instance the same winter wedding colors to be imprinted in your wedding invitations and wedding favors, to have it all done in the same color scheme.
Do not forget also to mention your baker and cake decorator the colors you have for your wedding, but they will definitely ask you before even you reach to say what your wishes are regarding the colors and flavors of your wedding cake. Consider as well the traditional colors of Christmas – white, red and green – in case you opt for a traditional winter wedding celebrated close to Christmas time.