Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bora Bora honeymoon The romatica wedding

The island of Bora Bora lies less than one hour flight from the Moorea island or Tahiti island presenting a lagoon that resembles to those pictured only in the movies with richness of green and blue colors making its visitors to fall in love with it at first sight. Many couples have chosen Bora Bora as their place for their romantic escapades and many newly weds have seen  Bora Bora honeymoon packages as great option s for their need to live the romance after their wedding day is consumed.

The place hosts Mount Otemanu in the shape of a fabulous castle that pierces the sky. There are various slopes that are rich in tropical vegetation bordering valleys where hibiscus plants are in full blossoms. The beaches with their white sand seem to be the paths that invite you into the emerald waters animated with colorful life of animated creatures populating the underwater spaces.

Bungalows placed over the water create a romantic and discreet universe for those couples who spend their Bora Bora honeymoon in a complete isolation from the rest of the busy world. In this terrestrial paradise it seems that nothing can touch its serenity and fabled ambiance.
Many would describe Bora Bora as the most romantic place in the world precisely for the fact that it contains dramatic scenery along with private places of the bungalows where couples can relax after spending hours in the heat of the sun and hiking the valleys of  the Mount Otemanu.

These resorts have welcomed the couples and other interested visitors for more than 40 years and during all this time, these amenities have reached a great level of perfection as they have been tuned to accommodate every taste and style. In this way, each resort has been created and designed to offer its own unique experience to the couples in search of novelty and intimacy, as well.
Apart from the fact that there are various amenities presented for the newly weds’ satisfaction, Bora Bora honeymoon packages include many offers for the possibility of pampering yourself with spa sessions, opportunities to scuba diving and explore the bottom of those uniquely colored waters, jet skiing, and sailing on a catamaran among many other activities. All these will give you the feeling that this is how it should be for the rest of your married life: relaxing and enjoying the gifts of nature that are so richly displayed in this part of the world as nowhere else in this world.