Thursday, January 13, 2011

sheath wedding gown

Otherwise known as column style, sheath wedding gown can be described as the style that is narrow shaped flowing from the line of the bust till down to the hem. Due to its shape this style tends to show all the curves of a bride hugging the body in a delicate way and conferring the bridal look the aspect of simplicity combined with femininity.

Sheath wedding gowns along with the empire style of a wedding gown have been initially created as the simplest of the styles, but lately with the inspired ideas of many of the fashion designers they have commuted to more intricate and elaborate designs. Additional touches of semi chapel trains or sashes that are elegantly attached on one shoulder to a strapless bodice, some designers have even added pleats at half of the way where the skirt flows to touch the floor.

This is how step by step various options have been presented with the simplicity of a sheath wedding gown, among which – other than mentioned above – the variety of neckline styles, the various sleeve lengths and other touches that can confer the attire the classy touch of 20s cinema diva.
There is so much versatility that a wedding dress can get by simply working on some details for in the end to completely change the original look and change it into a more elaborate design. For instance adding long bell sleeve to a bateau neckline one can get a romantic aspect of bride, an image similar to the medieval romantic figures of Isolde and Juliet.

As to the length of the skirt, this one comes also in various styles – for the classic look one can opt for a length that barely brushes the floor, the casual look can also come with a knee length skirt, or for the winter weddings, the addition of a train and a bustle can bring character as well as formality to the overall bridal appearance.
Another important detail that influences the versatility of the sheath wedding gown is the choice of fabric. Once you change the fabric of this style of wedding dress you can see yourself in front of a totally new bridal outfit. For instance the choice of silk or satin can confer the dress the easy flowing over your body’s contours, but if you choose peau de soie silk or damask you can bring to the overall aspect a more dramatic statement.
One piece of advice: the sheath wedding gowns are best suitable to the figures that are lean, both tall and short. For the latter, the elongated form of this dress will allow the bride to look taller, while for the taller silhouette it accentuates the femininity, making it look leaner and lighter when walking down the aisle.