Thursday, January 13, 2011

wedding beauty

When you plan your wedding day you always have in handy the wedding planner and the checklist according to which you should positively advance with the preparations. The same should be done when it comes to your beauty: you should have a wedding beauty checklist to mark the evolution of your beauty sessions that any bride should undergo at a certain point. Therefore we present now the following checklist to ease up the things for you:

* Look for the stylist – it is a better idea if you will go for more than one to have consultations with. Just pick up the phone or write e-mails and inquire about appointments. These ones should be offered for free especially if they want to gain customers in their make up workshop. Once you have decided on one stylist make sure that you  have him or her booked for your big day.
* Get the style of your hair set. Which style of hair should you wear – the long, short or shoulder sized? This decision should be discussed with your hair stylist too as you need to have already the haircut, if the case and the hair do of your liking.

* Consider that it is more useful to first purchase the wedding dress. This aspect will determine the style of your hair, the accessories to go with your overall aspect, the make up and the shoes, as well.
* Another point to consider on your wedding beauty checklist is the silhouette. If you are into diet, you should consider as well exercising a lot and be hydrated properly. On this will depend a lot the aspect of your skin, the gleaming of your face and the look in your eyes that will sparkle.

* Mark another point on the wedding beauty checklist – consult with the various magazines of hairdressing for this special occasion and see if there can be any association between your theme and your wedding beauty aspects.
* The color of your hair. This is a problem that you need to discuss with your hairstylist who will know what can be the most appropriate color to complement your bridal appearance.
* To wear or not to wear a veil? This question could be answered at the moment you purchase the wedding gown and consulting afterwards with your make up artist and hairstylist. These two professionals can advise you the best whether your hair needs the displaying of a veil, or how long the veil must be in case you wear one.