Thursday, January 13, 2011

wedding flowers vases

Flowers come always as a great addition to the celebration of a wedding event, in fact there is no wedding happening without the presence of these nature’s gifts. But when being involved in choosing the type of your wedding blooms, you should consider the choice of wedding flowers vases where these blooms will be placed as floral arrangement of your reception tables and place of worship in some cases.

When choosing the flowers for your wedding you should decide whether you go for the fresh ones or the artificial flowers that lately with the most recent technologies have started to resemble that much to their fresh peers, that one has hard times in saying which one is which. But most of the times, although the fresh flowers are more expensive than the fake ones, they are still number one in the top of wedding couples’ preferences.

But regardless of texture of your wedding flowers you still need to find wedding flowers vases to go with the blooms of your choice. For the artificial ones there won’t be any need to put them in water and as such the choice of vases can go for various designs and shapes, not to mention that improvising them sometimes works the best for small intimate weddings. Even a candle holder with two three or more ramifications can work as a great wedding flower vase.

As to the fresh flowers, there will always be the need to give them some water supply considering that they are meant to last for an entire day when celebrating your wedding. Therefore the choice of wedding flowers vases should take this aspect into account, even if this aspect can be replaced for instance with floral arrangements that have wet sponges to hold the stem when being arranged in cascading floral decorations.
Another thing would be the size of the stem as it goes without saying that for the long stems there will be the choice of tall wedding flowers vases an d for the shorter stems anything could work from goldfish bowls to short vases that could be replaced by jars that are decorated in their turn with various symbols that relate to the special event.
Make sure that for the floral arrangement of the reception table, the flowers are chosen in accordance with their life span as not all of them can last too long even if they are placed in a vase with water. In this regard you can consult with your florist, if you have hired one, to let you know of the appropriateness of the wedding flowers. If you are on a DIY wedding planning, then get inspired from  the florists websites and also inquire online on the types of flowers that are recommended to last longer in the atmosphere of a wedding celebration.
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